What’s In Stock, January 13, 2022

Here’s what we’ve got in stock, as of the writing of this post: Beef 3-Sirloin tip roast 3-rump roast 2-I of round roast 5-flat iron steak 6-skirt steak 4-sirloin Bavette 2-large brisket 5-small brisket 2-tri-tip roast 10-1”T-bone 15-1” sirloin steaks 5-short ribs 8 lbs of stew meat 100lbs of beef Pattie’s (no 1 or 2lb packages) Pork 5-Ham-bone in 3-Pork roast 3-Boston butt 3-shoulder roast 1-pork brisket Sausage, but going quick Jerky Raspberry chipotle barbecue Garlic salt and pepper Salsa Mild Medium Hot Baked Goods Always available by pre-order. Check out the options!